Bisotun Inscription Situated 25kilometers from Kermanshah, this town is world- famous and magnificently impressive for visitors. A relief of Darius, the king of Persia (521-486 BC), showing him after the victory over the rebels, is a fascinating monument. Some of the other ancient relics are inscriptions in the Babylonian, Old Persian and Elamite languages. In historical studies, these inscriptions are extremely important, because they provided a clue to the decipherment of cuneiform. Of other impressive relics of the ancient times are a stony statue of Hercules and reliefs of the Parthian kings.

The monuments belonging to the Sassanian era as well as a caravansary and a bridge from the Safavid period indicate the high importance of this district in different ages. In short, Bistun can be called a living museum of the Iranian civilization from ancient times to the present.

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