Car Rental

To explore the land of beauties, IRAN, by your own, to execute and conduct your itinerary while managing the daily timetable by yourself, to enjoy more of your travel by being more free to spend much more time where you prefer to stay more, to form a better and more convenient experience for your travel to Iran; To Rent A Private Car.

 As the main element of any travel all around the world, specifically where you’ll face with long road trips to be transferred through the country, transfers are highly considered. In order to possess the privacy during your unforgettable travel to Iran, whether for the tourism purposes or business, Persia Travel Center is going to suggest you rent a private car throughout your stay here in Iran. The car rental service powered by our company consists of providing the clients with different types of the cars without any driver, although we can also give you the driver in case of any requests. As an extraordinary great condition, we’re honored to declare that, Persia Travel Center’s client can receive the car in one location of Iran to start the journey and deliver it to another location at the end of the trip; this is why we do care about your timetable and satisfaction.

By providing an extended variety of cars, Persia Travel Center is providing the rare high-quality services within different parts of the country to those clients who are above 18 years old owing a valid driving license who should present all guarantee documents. Don’t forget that the client should keep good use of the car, in addition, to provide you with full insurance cars.

Persia Travel Center’s specialists are looking for your further requests