Known as one of the most important tourism destinations of Iran located in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea, in addition to be considered as one of the major economical centers of Iran can be the right titles to be allocated to Anzali port. As the second most populated city of Gilan province, Anzali port is the first and the greatest port of Iran founded at the southern sides of the Caspian Sea. Based on the rare geographical location of the city, it had been always an important Iranian city within different historical eras. Anzali port is embracing one of the greatest lagoons all over the world, known as the Anzali Lagoon, which is a real wonderland by possessing an entirely unique flora and fauna inside.

Regard to the vicinity of Caspian Sea, this port has a humid climate with many rainfalls yearly. Based on the reports, the city has the greatest amount of rainfall among the whole Iranian cities.

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