As one of the most important ancient cities of Iran which has been located along the silk road, Hamedan is a city which is known as the capital of Persian history and civilization. Historical heart-land of Hamedan is named Hegmataneh, where have been built by the first Madian King. The city has been formed in order to gather all Median tribes together. The city of Hamedan was so highlighted within the ancient Iranian kingdoms specially Achaemenids, Sassanians, and Parthians who have chosen the city as the summer capital of the whole extended territory of the Persia.


Hamedan is home to Muslims, Christians and Jewish religious communities. In order to be a little bit more about the main attraction of Hamden, just notice the below sites to visit and enjoy:


  1. Tomb of Esther and Mordechai ( a Jewish religious site)
  2. Alavian Dome
  3. Nazari House and Garden
  4. Ganjnameh
  5. Baba Taher’s tomb

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