Departed the city of Isfahan to reach Tehran, we will see just deserted lands but an opportunity will appear as we’re going to be more and more, closer to the historical city of Kashan. The oasis city is Kashan located in the corner of Dasht-e Kavir desert, is enough charming to have a stop en route and not to miss this historical region as one of the most delightful Iran’s tourism destinations. Not only wonderful architectural aspects, UNESCO registered gardens and historical bazaars, but also it embraces some of the best traditional Iranian houses and hotels.

We’ll start our exploration in Kashan by visiting a member of UNESCO registered Persian gardens namely Fin Garden. The garden which also embraces Fin Bath where one of the most effective politicians of Iran, AmirKabir, over historical eras has been murdered consists of a central courtyard surrounded by tall walls. The atmosphere of this universal garden is enough alluring to stay and enjoy for a couple of hours, but many other sites are waiting for us located in the central part of Kashan.

As mentioned before, Kashan’s concept has been formed by the historical and traditional house located in the depth of the historical part of the city. The more we explore the city of Kashan, the more we’ll find rare historical houses; but we’re going to visit some the most highlighted houses including Abbasian House, Boroujerdi House, and Tabatabaei House.

 The houses possess some rare aspects of the original Iranian- Islamic art and architecture over a delightful constructing method in addition to the unique decoration which has added an awesome significance to these monuments. These houses beauty have been enough highlighted in order to be a candidate for receiving the award of the most beautiful Iranian- Islamic residential houses.

Kashan has the best historical and traditional hotels as mentioned, so it’ll be great not to lose the opportunity of being in Kashan over the whole night through one of these most well-known Hotels namely: Ameriha Traditional Hotel, Manoocheri Traditional Hotel.


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