Here we’re going to start a journey to the depth of Persian art, history, culture, and beauty. A destination which is totally different from as what you’ve seen and ever experienced. A destination which is considered as the city of poets, ancient and historical monuments, gardens, rare culture, and handicrafts. A destination which is named Shiraz, the capital of Fars province which is located over the southern parts of the lovely country of Iran.

In order not to miss the awesome attractions of this Iranian unique city, Shiraz, we’ll start our excursions in the morning by visiting the most highlighted sited of Shiraz, Nasir Molk Mosque ( also known as the pink mosque) which has a really brilliant significance while the sun shines, located in the depth of shiraz’s central part known as the old part.  The mosque is just like a hidden secrecy by the outside as it seems like a traditional and historical house ornamented by the unique Persian architecture style, but the multitude of stained glass windows turn the inside of the mosque into a riotous wonderland of color that is absolutely breathtaking. It’ll be more and more difficult to leave the superb Nasir al Molk Mosque, by exploring the site more in depth; but it’s time to go and enjoy visiting the other fascinating sites of Shiraz which are located over the old part of the town.

We’re going to visit Zand Complex, but we won’t miss two other attractions located en route as Karimkhan Citadel and the shops located in the vicinity. These shops are the best place to find hi-quality well-known Shirazi dessert namely Faloudeh, the one you’ll love the taste. After a refreshment we’ll visit a Citadel which had been used as the living Palace o Zand dynasty’s most powerful king, Karimkhan Zand. We’re in the middle of the day, when we should start visiting a historical complex of Shiraz locating so close to the citadel, namely Zand Complex. The complex is including : Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bazaar which are entirely belonging to the Zand dynasty. Vakil Mosque will be the first part of Zand Complex which will be visited. The mosque offers a magical atmosphere to the visitors during the night while throughout the day it’s possible to fully admire the architecture, sophisticated decorations and the forest of pillars that populates its interior. By departing the mosque we’ll visit Vakil Bazaar the most important trade center of southern part of Iran located in Shiraz. The bazaar is mainly embracing handicraft shops by an extended variety of items to buy and enjoy. As one of the most known parts of Vakil Bazaar which shouldn’t be missed Saraye Moshir is mentioned. Saray-e Moshir has an unbelievably calm atmosphere surrounded by many handicraft shops, who are waiting for us to provide some objects to remember shiraz till the end of our life.

We’re going closer and closer to the night when we should refer to a spiritual attraction of Shiraz. The final site of the city to be visited over the first day is Hafez Tomb. Hafez Tomb, known as Hafezieh, attracts many foreign and Iranian tourists as it is the cemetery of an Iranian great poet namely Hafez.

The next day of Shiraz exploration will start by an excursion to the most well-known attention of Iran, PERSEPOLIS( UNESCO World Heritage Site). This universal site which 60 km away from the city of Shiraz, was one of the ancient cities of Iran known as the glorious capital of Achaemenid Empire founded by  Cyrus the great. Persepolis is embracing different parts as the royal palaces and halls of Achaemenid era while it has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage since 1979. By an extensive exploration to the whole parts of this superb universal site, we’ll proceed another unbelievably ancient namely: Naqsh-e Rostam.

Naqsh-e Rostam is an ancient area embracing monuments of  Elamites, Achaemenids, and Sassanids located at 6 km away from Persepolis. Let’s return to the city of Shiraz to finish our sightseeing by a historical Gate known as Quran Gate. The gate is located at the entrance of Shiraz holding a  giant holy Quran, as the Muslims do believe that by passing under Quran will make the trip as safe as possible.

This article has done its best to provide with the rough idea of what you’re going to visit inside the city of Shiraz as a guest, so let’s realize it and make your desired travel to the lovely Shiraz by Persia Travel Center specialists.


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