Not only many historical, architectural and cultural sites and museums, but also an extended variety of natural features and aspects like high mountains and well-equipped ski resorts have formed the tourism concept of a city which is deserved to be one of the most outstanding parts of your travel itinerary to Iran, the city which is named Tehran( the capital city of Iran).                                                              

The story will begin by arriving at the city of Tehran over the IKA ( Imam Khomeini International Airport), an international airport which is host to some of the most well-known airline’s flights like Turkish airline, Qatar Airways, Emirates and etc. Tehran discovery has just started by departing the airport and proceeding to the city. The more we get closer to the city, the more it is visible especially the great skyscrapers of the city namely Milad Tower, the 6th tallest tower all over the world.

Waits finally out! Has just arrived in the city and the Azadi tower is ahead. The tower is considered as one of the main symbols of the city which has been constructed before the Islamic revolution of Iran, over the former regime, Pahlavi. Tehran, one of the most important tourist cities in Iran, embraces many historical sites like museums and royal palaces in addition to the modern sites like Tabiat Bridge and Milad Tower.

Tehran can be divided into two different regions, the northern part where the most modern Iranian lifestyle is floating and the southern part which is considered as the old part of the city, home of the most highlighted museums and historical sites of Tehran. Although Tehran is vast enough to be explored even more than one week, but we’re limited in time, this is why we will start by the central part of Tehran, where the only World Heritage Site of Tehran, the Golestan Palace, is located. The next site we’re going to visit are some of the most delightful attractions in Iran such as Tehran Grand Bazaar, one of the greatest historical bazaars of the country, National Museum of Iran, one of the only archeological museums lol over the world, National Crown Jewels Museum, one of the world’s most fascinating collection of royal jewels, Ceramics Museum and Carpet Museum.

Let’s leave the central old part of the town to proceed to the northern parts of the city, where a totally modern lifestyle of the rich residences of Tehran can be seen. To be transferred to the northern part of the city we will pass through the green highway of Tehran, Modarres highway, which is home to the largest overpass bridge of Iran known as Tabiat Bridge) Nature Bridge). We have entered the city with an aim of not to miss the most highlighted attractions; so let’s have an exploration over this awesome pedestrian bridge where you can see a fantastic panorama view of Tehran, where the people and families gather together. The bridge is including different floors which are covered by an extended variety of restaurants and café.

We were on our way to the northern part of the city and now finally reached Tajrish Square , one of the main parts of the northern Tehran. Although this part of the city is well-know by considering as the modern part of the city, but it is embracing some historical royal palaces of Tehran namely: Sa’ad Abad complex and Niavaran palace.

After a pleasant refreshment over the traditional bazaar of Tajrish, located in the vicinity of the square, where we can find many good restaurants( providing both traditional Persian foods and Italian or American fast foods) and Café  in addition to large shopping mall namely “Arg” , the next site to see is the great Sa’ad Abad complex. The complex is a 300 hectar royal palaces collection embracing 18 palaces in addition to a really fascinating natural environment such as rivers, forests and etc. Sa’ad Abad complex was constructed by Qajar and Pahlavi monarch. It may seem interesting to know that the official residence of Iran’s President of is adjacent to the complex. After a totally comprehensive visit to the complex, the next site to visit is another historical palace which is located in Niavaran region by the same name, Niavaran Palace.

In addition to the rare historical sites as mentioned before, Tehran possesses many awesome parks such as Laleh Park, Mellat Park, Jamshidiyeh Park.

If you’re fan of winter sports the whole related excursions, Tehran is also a rare destination, as it is located in the vicinity of the best Middle-East ski resort namely Dizin. Not only Dizin but also Tochal ski resort are the main ski resorts next to the city of Tehran which have really great facilities and equipments to do any desired ski excursions.

It seems you’re enough informed to have a comprehensive concept of an Iranian important tourism

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