On July 9th 2017, within the 41st World Heritage Committee which was held in Krakow, Poland; the committee announced a new site on UNESCO World Heritage List which was so surprising for the whole Iranians specially, residents of Yazd. After many years of waiting, Yazd has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage. It is the first city of Iran which was nominated for registration. Yazd has mentioned many breathtaking features and ancient attractions as the largest settled adobe city all around the world, embracing many ancient and historical sites, being the home to ancient Persian qanat and Persian Garden ( DowlatAbad Garden) registered as UNESCO World Heritage.Not only for the adobe architecture, but also for Zoroastrian Fire Temples and the sublime ancient windcatchers which were founded and used as natural cooling systems within the former ancient times, Yazd is considered as a gem among the whole Iranian highlighted attractions.

We’re going to start our exploration to Yazd by a wonderfully ancient attraction namely: The Tower of Silence (also known as Dakhmeh). The site is where Zoroastrians put the dead bodies of the people in order to pollute the earth’s soil by burying the dead bodies. Tower of Silence is away from the city of Yazd in a totally deserted region, while the major tower is constructed somewhere so high.

Let’s continue our exploration route to visit a UNESCO World Heritage site namely  Dowlat Abad Garden. In addition to the whole historical and architectural aspects of this garden, it has the tallest windcatcher in the world by a height of 33.8 meters. We’re going to leave Dowlat Abad Garden to proceed to the next destination: Zoroastrian Fire Temple. This Temple is where to keep the Holy Zoroastrian Fire while being the major Zoroastrians holy praying place.  In addition to the temple, it has a valuable museum by many historical items which belongs to the Zoroastrians.

An Islamic ancient attraction with a wonderful brilliance located in the old town of Yazd, namely: Yazd Jame Mosque is the next site to be visited. The mosque has been constructed within a specific architectural structure by just one loggia, which has made it more and more unique. Yazd Jame Mosque had been founded through 100 years and 3 different historical eras, while the first foundation had been constructed over Sassanid dynasty. The building is so well-known for really unique and beautiful tile works.

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