Zanjan is the capital city of a province by the same name and located within the north-western part of Iran. Hot and dry summers in addition to the cold and moist winters have been formed the main climate concepts of this Iranian city. The most precise archaeological researches and excavations have founded some evidences of a Paleolithic cave settlers in this area. Some other evidences of a Sassanid fire temple is demonstrating that Zanjan is one of the first Iranian cities which has been founded by the Sassanid King Ardeshir I.


By possessing an extraordinary awesome historical record, Zanjan is home to some rare historical sites, such as Zanjan Traditional Bazaar, Zanjan Jame Mosque, and Mulla Hassan Kashi Mausoleum. In addition Zanjan is where the Saltmen of Iran has been discovered. Not only to possess some historical attractions, but also possessing some rare natural attractions. Zanjan has some brilliant natural waterfalls, caves and thermal hot springs which attracts many travelers to this specific region.

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