Special Interest

    Have you ever imagined a specific destination while being rendered with an experience to do mountain climbing within a mountainous region by more than 5,000 m while having an opportunity to do trekking or desert safari in one of the warmest deserts all around the world?

    Iran is a wonder land which possesses some of the most highlighted natural aspects all together. The evergreen forests located in the northern part of the country, in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea, the mysterious deserts embracing really odd geographical occurrences, like Shahdad desert, the warm and humid sandy beaches which is located within the southern parts of the country, in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf, awesome natural caves, extended rivers, lakes and the breathtakingly interesting flora and fauna are some evidences which are demonstrating the great concept of Iran’s tourism in terms of Ecotours.

    Counting on a group of experienced tour executors and tour organizing experts, Persia Travel Center has prepared some ready-made products which can also be customized for those who are looking for an entirely unique type of experience, in this specific tourism sector.

  • Caravans Trail

    • 10 Days
    • 2 Difficulty

    To be considered as one of the most memorable travels for desert lovers who are interested in experiencing something totally new and breathtaking