Fascinating Persia, 14-day Iran round trip

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Fascinating Persia, 13 days round trip


To explore some of the main cultural destinations of Iran in addition to visit a wonderland, also known as the largest Island of Iran located in the heartland of the Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island; Fascinating Persia is a well-designed tour package powered by Persia Travel Center specialists to render an extraordinary unique travel experience to those who are seeking for specific travels to Iran. Starting from Tehran and ending in Bandar Abbas port located in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf, this tour package will provide an opportunity to explore the majority of historical and cultural attractions of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, and Kerman. Emphasizing on UNESCO World Heritage Sites located within different cities of this specific itinerary is a brilliant priority, in addition to explore the oddest geographical occurrences within a national park.


Persia Travel Center specialists are honored to customize “Fascinating Persia”, in order to render it as a specific private tour counting on a tailor-made basis. Just send an inquiry, the rest will be done by our expert travel consultants.

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  • 2018-04-05
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    Arrival expected in the night. Reception by the guide and transfer to the hotel.

    Cities: Tehran,
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    National Museum, Niavaran palace complex, ...

    Today we visit the sights of the capital of Iran: the National Museum with the Archaeological Museum, the Niavaran Cultural Complex with a former Shah Palace.

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    After breakfast we drive over the expressway to Isfahan, the most beautiful city in the country. There we see the historic bridges at the river Zayandeh in the late afternoon.

    Cities: Isfahan,
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    Naghsh e Jahan square, Eight Paradise palace...

    The extensive visit to the impressive Imam square (world cultural heritage) with the royal palaces and turquoise dome mosaics as well as the adjacent artisan bazaar are on the agenda. We stroll through the historic Grand Bazaar. In the afternoon we will see the Garden of the Eight Paradise and visit the Armenian quarter, which is located south of the river, with the Vank Cathedral.

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    Persepolis, Naghsh-e Rostam, ...

    Our journey continues to the south. We visit the ancient capital of Persepolis, where the kings of Cyrus, Xerxes and Darius received the ambassadors from many countries. After the detailed visit we will see the royal tombs Nag e-Rostam. Overnight in Shiraz.

    Cities: Shiraz,
    Attractions: Persepolis, Naghsh-e Rostam,
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    Eram garden, Vakil bazaar, ...

    Shiraz is the city of nightingales and roses as well as home to the greatest poets of Iran. On the tour of the city we will visit the Eram Paradise Garden, the Vakil Bazar, the tomb of the poet Hafiz and the Ali Ebne Hamzeh graveyard with mirror mosaics. Of course, we also see the great fort.

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    Pasargade, cypress tree Abarkuh, ...

    First we see the tomb of King Cyrus in Pasargadae. Our next stop is at the several thousand year old cypress in Abarkuh. In the afternoon we reach the desert town Yazd with a picturesque old town (world cultural heritage)

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    Friday mosque Yazd, water museum, ...

    Today Yazd is home to the Friday Mosque, the Water Museum, the Towers of Silence and the Fire Temple. In the afternoon we continue to Kerman. On the way we see the traditional Qanat irrigation systems (world cultural heritage).

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    Ganj Ali Khan complex, Friday mosque Yazd, ...

    Kerman is situated at an altitude of 1760 m. On the sightseeing tour, we see the Ali Khan complex with the bathhouse and caravanserai, the Friday mosque and the bazaar. Afternoon excursion to Mahan, visit of the Sufi sanctuary and mausoleum Shah Nematollah Vali as well as the Prince Garden Baq-e Shahzadeh.

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    Bam citadel

    We continue to Bam, on the way we see the clay fortress of Rayen. Visit of Bam, which is one of the largest clay buildings in the world, unfortunately destroyed by an earthquake in 2003.

    Cities: Kerman,
    Attractions: Bam citadel,
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    Qeshm Island

    From the central upland we go to the coast where the Indian Ocean is connected to the Persian Gulf by the sea of Hormos. By ferry or speedboat we reach the largest island of Iran, Qeshm.

    Cities: Qeshm Island,
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    Qeshm Island
    salt Caves, chahkuh...

    In the west of the island you can see the imposing Namakdan Salt Dome, one of the largest salt caves in the world. Continue to the Chahkuh Gorge, a kilometer-long, narrow gorge. Then we drive to the “Valley of the Stars” (Darreh Setareha), a fascinating canyon landscape.

    Cities: Qeshm Island,
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    Harra Jungle

    In the morning a short boat trip through the Hara mangrove area is planned with observation of water birds (depending on the weather). Afternoon ferry trip to Bandar Abbas and transfer to the airport. In the evening departure probably over Dubai back to your country.

    Attractions: Harra Jungle,