Iran in 19 Days

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The more to explore Iran, the more to enjoy its eternal beauty and uniqueness; this is why Persia Travel Center has prepared an awesome comprehensive excursion within 19 days to move you through the majority of attractive parts of Iran, from south to the north and the western parts.


The tour will start from Tehran, Iran’s capital city, where to explore the most highlighted museums and the royal palaces and then will move you to the Caspian Sea’s coastline to visit the world’s greatest lagoon, Anzali lagoon. The excursion will continue to Sarein, where to enjoy the best thermal hot spring of Iran. The next destinations to visit are, Tabriz, Takab, Zanjan, Kermanshah, Khorramabad, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan and then Tehran to depart the country. The main focus of this tour is to give you an opportunity to visit the most highlighted historical and cultural sites, some of them registered as UNESCO World Heritage sites, in addition to letting you be in touch with local people to be accustomed to their specific lifestyle through different parts of the vast Iran.


Although this tour package is designed and planned to be as fluent and awesome as possible, it is still flexible to be fit to your exact desires, counting on a tailor-made basis. Just share us your interests and desires, we’ll be responsible to provide an excellent travel experience.

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  • 2018-04-05
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    Golestan Palace, Milad tower...

    As soon as you arrive to Tehran, Your Tour guide will meet and greet you at the airport and will take you to the hotel to take a little rest.
    After you got refreshed, we start our half day city tour of Tehran to visit some important places in Tehran such as Golestan Palace which was the citadel of Tehran for a while followed by a visit to the archeological section of the national museum.
    Our city tour of Tehran would be ended for today after paying a visit to Milad tower as the modern symbol of Tehran.

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    Saad abad palace, Niavaran palace complex...

    After having breakfast, we depart from hotel to explore the northern part of Tehran to visit the palaces of the last Dynasty in Iran, Sa’d Abaad palace and Niavaran palace which belonged to Pahlavi and now they are a part of our history.
    After visiting the palaces, we will have the chance to take a short walk in Darband mountainous area to enjoy the atmosphere.

  • 3
    Masoule village

    Early in the morning, our journey to the north west Iran would be started. Driving through Alborz mountains chain, will lead us to the Caspian sea side with its magnificent landscapes of Sea, mountains and forests.
    Through the way, we will have a stop at Masoule village to visit its unique architecture and to get involved with the locals having some local food as lunch and then we will continue to Anzali Port to have a joyful night beside the Caspian sea having delicious local dishes of sea food.

    Cities: Anzali,
    Attractions: Masoule village,
  • 4
    Sheikh safieddin Ardebili, ethnography museum of Ardebil....

    Early in the morning, we depart from hotel to get to Sareyn as one of the most famous cities in Iran to take holidays to enjoy its hot springs and great climate.
    Through the way, we are also going to visit the main highlights of the city of Ardebil to get a little bit more familiar with spiritualism in Iran while visiting the tomb of Sheykh Safieddin Ardebili and also we will pay a visit to the ethnography museum of Ardebil.
    Later when we arrived to Sareyn, you will have enough time to enjoy its hot springs and spas.

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    After having a delicious local breakfast, we depart from Sareyn to Tabriz.
    In the afternoon, having a half day excursion to Kandovan village would be necessary to see how people ran away 800 years ago from the Mongols invasion to the mountains and dug their own houses through the rock cliffs.
    Afterwards, we drive back to Tabriz and will have some time to take a little rest and get prepared for the tomorrow’s full day city tour of Tabriz.

    Cities: Tabriz,
    Attractions: Kandovan,
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    Blue mosque, Tabriz museum, ...

    Tabriz, as a bridge for the tradesmen enabling them to access the western world, was always a city to grow men having new ideas to raise changes in the country.
    As a city with the highest influence on Iran’s constitutional revolution, needs more time than 1 day to be explored but we have enough time to visit the main attractions and highlights of the city including the Blue mosque, Tabriz museum, The constitutional house, and Tabriz Bazaar as a world heritage site and the longest old traditional bazaar around the globe.

  • 7
    Takht Soleiman

    Early in the morning, we start driving to Zanjan via Takab in order to have the chance to visit one of the oldest fire temples in Iran which is also a world heritage site, known as Takhte Soleiman, near Takab.
    After 4 hours of memorable drive through the Zagros Mountains chain, we will arrive to Takht-e Soleyman and will have a great visit there.
    Later we will continue our drive to Zanjan and will take some rest there for the night.

    Cities: Zanjan,
    Attractions: Takht Soleiman,
  • 8
    salt men museum, Rakhsouy Khane...

    Having a full day city tour of Zanjan Allows us to learn more about both modern and ancient parts of Iran History.
    Today, we are going to have a nice visit to the Slat-men museum of Zanjan, bazaar and Rakhsouy Khane (Cleaning house) and also in the afternoon, we will have a visit to the Soltaniye dome which was also the tomb of the Ilkhanid king, Oljaito.

  • 9
    alisadr cave, Ganjnameh, ...

    Today, we are going to visit of the most beautiful and unique aquatic caves in Asia which is through our way from Zanjan to Hamedan.
    This cave Is named Alisadr and we will have boats waiting for us in the cave to show us around.
    After visiting the cave, we will continue our way to Hamedan which is one of the oldest cities in Iran.
    In the evening, we will go to the Abbas Abad area in the city of Hamedan to have a nice dinner and to visit Ganjnameh Relief as orders from Xerxes and Darius.

    Cities: Hamedan,
    Attractions: alisadr cave, Ganjnameh,
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    Ecbatana, Ester and Mordecai tomb...

    A full day city tour could be enough to visit the main highlights of the ancient city of Hamdean including Hegmatane hill which is the remains of the ancient city of Ecbatana, Tomb of Esther and Mordecai as two Jewish prophets in Iran.
    Our city tour of Hamedan would be followed by a visit to the tomb of the great Hakim, Avicenna and then we will get back to our hotel to take a little rest and get prepared for our tomorrows drive.

  • 11
    Anahita sanctuary, Bisotun...

    Early in the morning, we will drive through Kangavar and Kermanshah to get to Khorram Abad.
    In Kangavar, will have a stop to take a look at the Anahita Temple of Kangavar and then we continue driving to Kermanshah.
    There we will visit Bistoun with its great relief of Darius, Tagh-e Bostan complex remained from Sassanid time and we finish our city tour of Kermanshah with a visit to Tekke of Moaven Al-Molk.
    Driving for around 3 hours will take us to Khorram Abad and then we have some time to take rest in our hotel

  • 12
    Falakolaflak, Zigurat Choghazanbil, ...

    After a visit to the Falakol Aflak castle in Khorram Abad, we depart to Ahvaz.
    Through the way, we have the chance to visit the Ziggurat of Tchoghazanbil, and also the Apadana palace in Susa remaining from Persian Empire there.
    Before getting to Hotel, we will also visit the Hydraulic systems of Shushtar and then we get to the hotel.

  • 13
    castle of Bishapour, Abolhayat valley, ...

    Early morning drive from Ahvaz to Shiraz, will allow us to have enough time to pay a visit to the Sassanid city and castles of Bishapour through the way.
    During the way we are driving to Shiraz, we need to cross one of the most scenic valleys in Iran named Bolhayat Valley which could be one of the unforgettable scenes of your journey in Iran.

    Cities: Shiraz,
  • 14
    Nasirol Molk mosque, Narenjestan Qavam House, ...

    Today we are having a full day city tour of Shiraz to explore the city of Roses, nightingales and poem.
    We start our city tour visiting Nasirol Molk mosque which is also famous as the pink mosque, and we continue the tour with Narenjestan Qavam, the citadel of Karimkhan Zand, Pars museum, Vakil bath, Vakil bazaar, Eram garden and the mausoleum of Hafiz.

  • 15
    Persepolis, Naghsh e Rajab, ...

    We are going to explore the ceremonial palace complex of the Persian empire today.
    Persepolis located in Marvdasht a city located around 60 Kilometers far from Shiraz is one of the most important monuments in Iran which we are going to visit today.
    During this full day excursion to Persepolis, we are also going to visit Naghsh-e Rostam and Naghsh-e Rajab.
    Returning from Persepolis to Shiraz, we will be having a visit to Quran gate and the mausoleum of Sadi.

  • 16

    Isfahan, the precious heritage of Safavids, is our next destination.
    Driving to Isfahan, we would have a stop at Pasargadae to visit the Tomb of Cyrus the great and the remains of his palaces
    Arriving to the city of Isfahan, we will get to the hotel to take a little rest.

    Cities: Isfahan,
    Attractions: Pasargade,
  • 17
    Naghsh e Jahan square, Sheikh Lotfolah Mosque, ...

    We have a full day city tour of Isfahan today to visit the main highlights of the city including Naghsh-e Jahan square and its surrounding monuments including Sheykh Lotfollah mosque, Imam mosque and Ali Qapou palace.
    Later we will visit Chehel Sotun palace and then you have some free time to stroll in Bazaar.

  • 18
    Isfahan Atigh mosque

    Morning city tour of Isfahan including Atigh Jami mosque, Vank cathedral and the Armenian corner.
    In the afternoon you will have some free time to enjoy the city on your own.

    Cities: Isfahan,
    Attractions: Isfahan Atigh mosque,
  • 19
    Fin Garden, Sialk hill...

    Early in the morning, we start driving back to Tehran to get to the airport to take flight back home.
    Through the way, we are going to have a half day city tour of Kashan to visit the main highlights of the city including Fin Garden, Sialk hill and Boroujerdi Mansion.
    We continue our drive to Imam Khomeini airport and you will get accommodated there in IBIS Hotel to take some rest and get prepared for your international flight back home.