• Tours

    Unbelievably rare historical significances of Iran, former territory of the Persians, may seem as the main purpose of traveling to this wonderful destination; but it’s just a little part of wealthy attractions to be seen and enjoy the most, within your tour to Iran. Although the Iran Classical Tours are mainly embracing the historical sites, but Persia Travel Center’s specific tours will offer you an exclusive chance to enjoy both historical & architectural sites. Not that far away from historical attractions, but by the same worthiness; Iran’s rich cultural aspects are also known as one of the most significant parts of the tourism attractions’ concept. In addition to the rare Iranian culture which is tangible through the whole parts of the country, the extension of different tribes, some of them nomadic and some others not, in different parts of the country has also added a widespread value to this specific type of Iran attractions. Persia Travel Center is honored to provide you with an unexpectedly rare opportunity to visit the nomadic tribes of Iran who are still living in the black tents, in order to be accustomed with their unique and traditional lifestyle, within the Nomad tours. To explain more about some other shining aspects of tourism attractions in Iran, we’re pleased to provide some of the most claimable type of tours in Iran which are the Eco and Adventure tours. Not only a claim but also a fact, Iran has an undeniably unique Eco and Adventure sites to form you an entirely exciting experience. It may seem unbelievable to do ski, desert safari and trekking, diving and doing some adventure excursions like canyoning and etc just in one single travel and one single destination; but Iran is where you’ll be amazed by breaking the stereotypes. As you’re planning for your Iran Tour, it’ll be useful for you know that Iran has such a diverse climate which is so different in one region to the other one; so, be prepared for the various types of climates. Not only the small private tours but also the big populated ones are being provided by the reliable Persia Travel Center which is so willing to provide you with a truly wide range of Iran tours and travel services which can be exclusively customized for your specific travel experience.
  • Culture

    Thousands years of shining historical record, rare historical and ancient monuments, sites and attractions to be explored, wealthy ancient civilizations, awesome cultural sides and aspects while embracing one of the most unique nations all over the world; are some of the main elements which has formed cultural and historical concept of the former territory of the Persians, known as IRAN. The more to explore this land of uniqueness, the more to consider it as an undeniably brilliant cultural and historical destination all over the world. As a specialist to execute historical and cultural tours as flawless as possible, Persia Travel Center is honored to provide the most interesting and fluent routes of Iran in addition to the perfectly- designed tour packages which will move you through the most historical, ancient and cultural destinations of Iran.

  • Adventure

    For those excitement seekers who wanted to add more and more adrenaline in their blood, Persia Travel Center is going to introduce an entirely rare & new destination, where to find the unbelievable and breathtaking sites to explore and Iran, where is named IRAN. From south to the north, east to the west, the extended Iran possesses some unique features to amaze you in a way not to forget this thrilling destination. The adventure tours powered by Persia Travel Center has been designed within a truly flawless and amazing method to provide you with some untouched experience to do rafting tours on roaring water river, to do ski in the best Middle-East’s ski resort, Mountain climbing, canyoning, caving and many other exciting excursions.

  • Special Interest

    Have you ever imagined a specific destination while being rendered with an experience to do mountain climbing within a mountainous region by more than 5,000 m while having an opportunity to do trekking or desert safari in one of the warmest deserts all around the world?

    Iran is a wonder land which possesses some of the most highlighted natural aspects all together. The evergreen forests located in the northern part of the country, in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea, the mysterious deserts embracing really odd geographical occurrences, like Shahdad desert, the warm and humid sandy beaches which is located within the southern parts of the country, in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf, awesome natural caves, extended rivers, lakes and the breathtakingly interesting flora and fauna are some evidences which are demonstrating the great concept of Iran’s tourism in terms of Ecotours.