Possessing an extremely unique opportunity to do any business or investments, being considered as one of the most adequate destinations to provide an unforgettable incentive travel, being host to many international conferences as one of the pioneer countries within different types of the science and finally, being considered as a developed and industrial country embracing many international exhibitions; IRAN is an awesome destination for those who are coming by a specific purpose as mentioned above.

As a universally trended type of tourism in Iran, MICE, an acronym of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions, consists of several specific tour & travel services for those who are traveling as a specialist to Iran.

Counting on a group of specialists by years of experience in this specific type of tourism, Persia Travel Center is honored to provide an undeniably flawless service to your guests or clients who are going to travel to Iran for the above mentioned specific purposes. The more we do care about this type of tourism, the more do our best to provide the services as comprehensive as possible to gain the highest level of satisfaction. As you’re looking for the information about our services on MICE, notice the below-mentioned services :

Point Targeting

 As Iran is embracing a really wide range of facilities for the MICE like hotels and conference halls, it may seem not that easy for you to recognize how to choose the services and what to choose; this is why our specialists will help you to point the accurate target based on your specific requirements.                

Exhibitions’ Installation

The more you’ve participated in different exhibitions or conferences, the more you can recognize the importance possessing a capable assist to be prepared for the exhibitions or conferences; this is why our specialists will organize and manage the whole required tasks.

Transfer & Transport 

As one of the main Iranian tour operators specifically on MICE, we’re honored to provide you with a wide range of transportations to shuttle the guests to/from the exhibitions or conference area.


Counting on the firm and severe connections with the majority of Iran hotels, Persia Travel Center is able to make the reservation on your desired hotel in different cities of Iran, Not only the room reservation, but also the conference hall booking.

Onsite Handling

In order to be more and more sure about the services’ execution, our expert staff will be with you during the meeting or the conference and exhibition to prevent any uncomfortable moments or problems.

Translation Services

We speak your language!

By offering online translation over the most highlighted languages all over the world, the guests can be so pleased to follow the conference of the meeting by their own language.

Do concentrate on your business meeting, conference, exhibition or enjoy your memorable incentive trip and don’t worry about everything as we’re responsible for your satisfaction.


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