The more to explore Iran beauties, the more to recognize that it’s really hard to leave the country without having some memento to remind the rare and unexpected awesome moments inside the former territory of the Persians, IRAN. Old civilization, rich cultures, variety of geographical locations, different tribes and ethnicities, rare historical Iranian art and many other highlighted facts about Iranian Souvenirs can be enough convincing for take them as a serious part of your itinerary in Iran. In general, original Iranian Souvenirs can be available within the traditional and historical bazaars in different cities. The majority of these valuable Iranian goods are hand made which are not that expected for the mass production, while the prices are quite affordable by really high quality. As an important element of Iranian rich tourism, souvenirs has been always considered as they do really help you to enjoy more of your travel by reminding the memories in addition to being able to make your friends and relatives so happy with these precious souvenirs. The extended variety of Iranian souvenirs are enough great in order to confuse you in case of insufficient information of what to buy and where to buy; this is why this article is going to provide you with some information to save more time and more money while buying the exact required ones. Although Iranian Souvenirs’ concept have been formed by some specific type of items, but you’ll recognize an incredible variety by exploring the country more and more. From delicious foods, sweets and drinks to the traditional clothing and artsy handicrafts, Iranian souvenirs are so interesting to buy and enjoy. In order to know the most highlighted Iranian souvenirs, Persia Travel Center is going to provide with some of the most highlighted ones : 1. Saffron Not that less expensive than the gold, Iranian Saffron reminds you the original & exclusive taste of persian foods, drinks and deserts. It’s so common in Iran to use this precious material during the cooking process in order to make the foods more tasty. Not only to be used for cooking but also as a medicine , this valuable Iranian species has an undeniably universal fame. In order to be aware of the whole usages of Saffron, just notice the below items : - Food & Beverages Industry - Medicinal & Pharmaceutical - Cooking - Cosmetic - Perfumes - Flavorings - Best Precious Gift 2. Caviar The best sturgeon coming from Caspian Sea’s depth , caviar is one of the country’s main exports, generating more revenue than the crude oil. Persian Empire residences were the First Nation who have tasted caviar and do believe that it has medicinal properties while to be a source of energy. Today, Iranian caviar comes from the northern Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan provinces bordering the Caspian Sea. The original Iranian Caviar is so expensive and considered as synonymous of luxury taste while it is not able to be found within the restaurants. 3. Persian Carpet By representing the persian art and culture, the persian carpet is one of the most well-known and valuable Iranian souvenirs. Carpet-weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestation of Persian culture and art which dates back to the ancient Persia. Weavers mix elegant patterns with a myriad of colors. The Iranian carpet is similar to Persian garden.The art of carpet weaving in Iran has its roots in the culture and customs of the people and their instinctive feelings. 4. Persian Inlaid Work ( Khatam) Known as the art of wood decoration with colorful triangles, Iranian Inlaid work also called ,“Khatam” in persian , is a type of souvenir which has a really shining history within different eras. Strips of Khatam are created by wrapping together the glued long and thin wooden, metal or bone rods and then cut them.